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Do you want to know why Licensed Contractors win bigger and better contracts?

Because they are Licensed Professionals; qualified individuals who have proven to be committed to their work and to their community, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to hold you back!

Why take the class with us? Here is what we offer that you will not find anywhere else:

  • Week and Weekends Classes (2 or 4 days and you are ready to take the exam)
  • Small classrooms
  • 15 hours training
  • Lots of practice exams (mock exams)
  • Qualifies instructors
  • Book (official book issued by the commission)
  • Personalized service
  • And 2 make up classes (something you should not need but deserve to have)

Did I mention that we can schedule the exam with the PSI for you? Just choose a PSI exam location and we will also take care of that for you, just as soon as you are ready! But we don’t stop there!

Too easy right? It gets better! We can tell you everything you need to know to apply for the license yourself, but if you want to continue to have it easy and not worry about a thing, just bring as the documents and let us take care of that for you. We will take care of it for you, be there every step of the way. How about that for peace of mind?

Stand out from the crowd, separate yourself from the rest. REGISTER for classes now. Education is a sure way to improve yourself, your life, and your business.

MHIC Mock Exam

Test your knowledge about MHIC Exam

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MHIC Mock Exam - English Version

A buyer has cancelled a sale within the allowable time period. When must any goods or property traded in be returned?

A salesperson has obtained a signed contract and a deposit for building a deck, subject to acceptance by the contractor. The contractor chooses NOT to accept the contract. When must he return the deposit to the owner?

What kind of property may NOT be the subject of a lien?

Which of the following inducements may a home improvement contractor offer as part of their marketing program?

Which of the following payroll practices is optional under Federal and/or State law?

A home improvement contractor is advertising a sale on carpets. His ads include only the basic price of the carpets leaving out any additional information. Which of the following statements is required in his ad?

All of the following are exempt from licensing under the Home Improvement Law, EXCEPT:

Which of the following is a “requirement” on every home improvement contract?

A remodeling contractor has legally employed a 17-year-old during the summer. Which of the following tasks is the minor prohibited from performing?

Before the seller gives notice of cancellation to the buyer, he must furnish all of the following, EXCEPT:

Which of the following is NOT required to be furnished to every Door-to-Door sales contract customer at the time of execution of the contract?

You have finished the quiz.

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Examen Simulado de MHIC - Versión en Español

Cuanto es el deposito maximo permitido para un proyecto con un precio total de contrato de $42,600 que sera solicitado antes de ser Firmado el contrato ?

Cual es la máxima penalidad por segunda vez a una persona que lleva a cabo

trabajos de mejora de vivienda sin licencia?

Se acuerda por un propietario de vivienda un mejoramiento de vivienda con un precio total de 3.000 el propietario entrega al contratista un deposito por 1.000, los terminos de financiamiento son 20 pagos mensuales de $105, el contratista prepara un pagare por 2.000, esto esta?

Durante un contrato el contratista ha firmado para realizar un sin numero de reformas a la propiedad, aunque bajo ley el tiene la posibilidad de cancelacion, si el encuentra inconvenientes para realizar el contrato despues de ser vendido por el vendedor, el tendria la posibilidad de cancelar el contrato, cuanto tiempo tiene para tomar este derecho?

Un contratista presenta toda la documentacion para el tramite de su licencia, despues de 30 dias es negada por problemas financieros cual seria el proceso a seguir y en cuantos dias tendria que hacerlo?

Cuantos son los fees que debe pagar un contratista que decide poner su licencia en estatus activo despues que estuvo inactiva por 2 años ?

Una vez realizados los procedimientos sobre un reclamo ante el fondo de garantias y presentada la disposicion propuesta, cuantos dias tiene el contratista para apelar o presenter excepcion a la disposicion propuesta?

Si un Contratista paga a sus empleados de obra 0.15 de comision por cada $150 y a los empleados de la oficina 0.50 por cada $120 cuanto sera el total pagado al final del año si los ingresos por los empleados de obra fueron $48.000 y por los empleados de la oficina $280.000?

Si un contratista da por terminado su contrato con el vendedor y no le notifica a la comision puede cancelar una multa en primera y segunda instancia de?

Cuanto es lo maximo que puede dar el vendedor en un bien tangible por publicidad a un cliente potencial?

Gracias por tomar nuestra encuesta.

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